Thursday, 23 July 2015

Shed your "WORRIES" and grab your "ANSWERS"

Ankit Kapoor Speaks...

Co-Founder @ PRATHAM Education
UG Entrance Prep Specialist 

Straight from the Director’s Desk ….

Someone rightly stated, “Wind whispers, Time Flies….”
And when you bat your eyelid next, you realize one full generation has gone by and looking you in your eye… is a brand new generation… much aware, much more knowledgeable.

Students today are not only mindful about the various opportunities around them but also bold at and experimental with what they have to do with these opportunities. They are exploratory, courageous and ready to risk, unlike the past generations. The past generations that only chose conventionally safe streams like Science, Commerce or Humanities and decided to stick to options these streams offered. Parents also felt safe as they knew the nearest or/ and the farthest their child could aim or get to.

What was once believed that, “Children may not often accept the fact, but limits and boundaries do keep them safe”; has now been challenged. It’s like being on the Tenth Floor of a building without walls around. Initially, parents were defining these walls. But now youth, plan and keep their own limits. These limits are huge & assorted. Students today are ready to dive into the ocean of diverse knowledge with seamless opportunities and emerge with their lucid choices and resolute plans.

They are meticulous workers with impeccable work plans. Always ready with plan A & B: fully geared with instant ‘back ups’ just in case the former back fires. They seem to be challenging the goals before their goals challenge them. Getting the Bull by its Horns!!

But unfortunately, this becomes a ‘Catch 22’ situation for parents. While on one hand they see their young ones stepping out of their cocoons, zestfully embarking on their new self – intended journeys, on the other hand are hidden fears suspended always : What if this isn't the best chosen path by the child or what if he / she helplessly fails?

We help you shed your fears, Parents…

As Specialists in this role, we've been handling concerns of this double - edged razor walk for 7 years now, having successfully mentored and guided paths for our students (numbers touching 50,000 approx.).We continue giving our empathetic hearing and our compassionate attention to the parents’ beliefs and concerns.

So why sit grappling with the situation when the answer can be sought soon after your child is in his Grade 10 or 12?  Get your questions answered by experts and keep faith… as we prepare your child to “Lead the way ahead…”..  Vivid and Thriving J

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