Saturday, 5 September 2015

CLASS Xll ... End of school life or Beginning of new life??

Ankit Kapoor Speaks
Education UG Entrance Prep Specialist
Co-Founder @ PRATHAM

Class XII-Oh My....!!!! ----- What next????

Parental pressure!!!! ------ Teachers’ expectations!!!!

Elder Brother in the Merit List!!! ----- Cousin is a State Topper!!! What about you???

2 spoons pressure for Breakfast, 2 for Lunch and 2 for Dinner.....

Television- No-No ------ Internet- No way!!!!

Social gatherings   ------ Banned for a year!!!!

High time you start studying ----- (Is Saal Boards hain!!)

These are a few commonly familiar clich├ęs’ that a Xll Grader is used to hearing time and again. While these reminders are extremely important, ever thought how do they play on a student’s psyche?

Roaring cut offs, scary deadlines, infinite competition, and to top it all the confusion of choosing an academic course versus a professional course. Academic Stress & Adolescent distress in Grade Xll is not new to us. Researchers say that a little stress acts as a motivating force for students, steering them towards results that they want to achieve. But beyond a limit, this stress turns into emotional, mental, physiological distress, leading to stress, anxiety and even depression. This academic stress comes with the pressure to perform well in Boards and high academic expectations from self and family. It’s extremely important for the student to identify this stress and limit it only to the extent of healthy pressure. So, the golden question here is how to save oneself from falling prey to this stress?

In present times where competition is cut throat and options diverse, decisions need to be lucid, quick and sure shot. The student needs to introspect and discover where his passion lies. Whether his aptitude meets his interest or not? The student needs to identify what it is that drives him. Is it package, placements, course, college or just the fact that his peer group is pursuing a possible career?

Multi career options, specially the stream- neutral ones, give students a wide variety to choose from, and help them to generate alternate plans for themselves.

Stream neutral courses are the ones that students from Commerce, Science or Humanities can apply for, irrespective of the subjects they have studied in Class Xll. These courses should be looked upon as alternate back up plans for students, ensuring they don’t ‘Rest all their eggs in one basket’. To name a few, Law, Hotel Management, Management, Mass Communication, Fashion, etc. are the extremely popular ones.

The Education Industry has witnessed a huge rise in the popularity of these courses. CLAT, which is an entrance for Law, saw 10,000 takers in 2008, whereas 2015 saw nearly 40,000, takers. For another popular course, Bachelor’s of Business Management, there were around 20,000 applicants for about 200 seats. This is a clear indication for students to take a keen look on these as fruitful options for a promising future.

Let’s see what mostly happens:

While the parents may choose Engineering for their child, he may be greatly influenced by a sibling who’s doing well as a Lawyer , ignoring his inner competencies and skills set, which if tested may be apt for Management. This situation confuses the XII grader, who’s now groping in the dark, wondering which option to consider and pursue.

Clarity comes when in depth understanding of a career is aligned with the wisdom of what future options does that career bring along with it for the student. This is a stage when the child needs an expert’s guidance the most. This guidance can come from family, friends, seniors, counsellors and even veterans from various fields and walks of life, who are easily available to students across all cities and countries now days.

So, with a message of not just the next 3-5 years but that of your complete life, i would like to suggest, ‘The journey begins from within’ and the ‘First step taken is half a battle won’.

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