Monday, 28 September 2015

What are you built for??

Ankit Kapoor Speaks
Education UG Entrance Prep Specialist
Co-Founder @ PRATHAM

Have you ever thought in what profession would Obama be if not a minister? Or what would Amitabh Bachchan be doing if not an actor?

Have you ever thought why Steve jobs didn’t give up his dream of doing something big even after being deemed ‘Nincompoop’? Or why Einstien didn’t stop pursuing his greed to invent and discover even after he was asked to drop school as he was believed to be incompetent?

Well these are mind tickling questions involving people from different walks of life. These people are unrelated, with no connection at all... yet, they have something in common. So, as you’ve rightly guessed by now, my next question is: What do they have in common?

It’s simple, all these people and many more like them... rightly knew what they were built for!!
Taking this thought to the spiritual plane: nature believes everything exists / happens for a reason. So ever thought why do you exist? What was the purpose behind your creation?

Does this thought trigger in mind a Big Picture? ....a picture of your goal... a picture of your desired destination... of your dream...

To start living a life where each day is a step to achieving your ‘Big Picture’ you need to ask yourself a few crucial questions:
  • Where does my interest lie?
  • What does my heart long to do?
  • What do i hunger for the most - name, fame, money, respect or is it something else?
  • And now the Golden question, what resources do i have within me, to reach what i want to achieve?
  • Once you’ve discovered that your interest- your passion meets your aptitude, you will know what you are built for?

Because the formula is simple: Interest + Aptitude = Success

So, if you’ve been successful in tracking your interest and matching it with your aptitude, success is yours.

After all, everybody works but only a few get recognition and appreciation and these few are the ones who’ve matched it perfectly!!

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